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H.R.H. Princess Lilian

Princess Lilian was born on 30 August 1915 in Swansea , Wales. She is the daughter of William and Gladys Mary Davies, both now deceased.

Lilian Davies was married to the actor Ivan Craig for several years. During the Second World War, Mrs Craig worked in a factory that produced radio sets for the British merchant navy. She also worked at a hospital for wounded soldiers.

Prince Bertil and Mrs Craig met for the first time in London in 1943. They were married at the Drottningholm Palace Chapel on 7 December 1976.

Princess Lilian is The Duchess of Halland. She resides on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.

Facts about Princess Lilian

1. Her father was a warehouseman and stock keeper. Her mother was a shop assistant.

2. Her parents got seperated since 1920s but they didn't formally get divorced until 1939. By the meantime she lived with her mother and step-father.

3. When she got old enough she moved to London and she changed her name "Lillian" to "Lilian" and started to work as a model. She showed up in great fashion magazines like VOGUE.

4. Queen Silvia refers to her as "Auntie Lilian".

5. In an interview given in honour of her 85th birthday, Princess Lilian recalls: “Who do you think camped in a bed? Yes, Queen Silvia. Night after night. We talked and talked. Every morning Queen Silvia got up, kissed “auntie Lilian,” as she calls me, on the cheek and went into the office at the Royal Palace of Stockholm … The Queen is my dearest friend.”

During American President Ronald Regan’s term in Office, Prince Bertil and Princess Lilian were guests of President Regan. At the White House luncheon, Princess Lilian was seated next to Vice President George H. Bush and suggested to President Regan that he needed ketchup on his lunch. She pulled out a fake bottle of ketchup and squeezed the bottle and its fake contents onto President Regan. President Regan was very surprised while his secret service agents realized that it was a joke. The President and Vice President erupted in laughter, and Vice President George H. Bush commented that Princess Lilian was the “world’s craziest royal.”

Her house in Djurgården in Stockholm

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