Thursday, June 24, 2010


Victoria and Daniel are spending their honeymoon in Tahiti and gave an exclusive interview to Expressen. They mentioned that they are very happy to able to spend time all alone together and thankfull to Swedish people for celebrating their marriage vividly.

Charlene Wittstock at Royal Wedding

Well I won't write about Charlene Wittstock but after announcement of the Official Engagement with Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco I naturally changed my mind. At wedding she was with royals but of course she didn't wear anything majestic, she is not a royal yet after all. However she looked elegant, she always has this fragile look and I guess it's like a tradition to look elegant and fragile at Prince's Palace of Monaco. I can't help to think about Grace Kelly when I heard the news. Can Chalene beat her? I guess the answer is no but I am sure she may turn out to be something extraordinary. It's a mystery now. We will see. And I can announce that a new blog about her will be on it's way. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tiaras of Belgian Royals at Royal Wedding- Queen Paola

Queen Elisabeth’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara is an art deco tiara and it was made in the early 20th century for Queen Elisabeth. Queen Elisabeth married the future King Albert I in 1900. She is the grandmother of the current King Albert II and of course the great-grandmother of Prince Philippe.

Tiaras of Belgian Royals at Royal Wedding- Princess Mathilde

This is the Diamond Laurel Wreath and it was given to her on her wedding day as a gift by a group of Belgian aristocrats.

Tiaras of Danish Royal Family at Royal Wedding- Queen Margareth

This is Pearl Poiré Tiara. It's a 19th century heirloom.

Tiaras of Danish Royal Familt at Royal Wedding- Crown Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary wore Queen Ingrid's ( her husband's grandmother ) Ruby Parure Tiara.

Tiaras of Norwegian Royal Family at Royal Wedding- Queen Sonja

Queen Sonja wore Empress Joséphine’s Emerald Tiara. The wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, Empress Joséphine owned a part of the Emeralp Parure of this tiara. Eugene de Beauharnais ( Joséphine's son ) took it to Norway. His daughter Joséphine married to King Oscar I of Sweden. Their great-grand daughter Princess Märtha of Sweden married Crown Prince Olav of Norway in 1929.

Crown Princess Märtha received the tiara as a gift from her parents ( Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg ) in 1937 for her son's birth ( the current King of Norway Harald V ) Märtha died and never became a Queen of Norway but her daughter-in-law Queen Sonja wears it today.

Tiaras of Norwegian Royals at Royal Wedding- Crown Princess Mette- Marit

Well this one has quite a story. This is Queen Maud’s Pearl Tiara and it was given to Queen Maud by her parents (King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra ) when she married the future King Haakon VII of Norway in 1896. This tiara is a convertable one. Large front piece can be moved. However it's not the real thing. The original pearl tiara was stolen in 1993 when it was cleaned in Garrards in London and can't be found since. Garrard who was made the original one, created a replica of the tiara. This is the replica with all real stones as original which family wearing.

Tiaras of Norwegian Royals at Royal Wedding- Princess Martha-Louis

Princess Martha-Louis wore Amethyst Necklace Tiara at Royal Wedding.

Tiaras of Dutch Royals at Royal Wedding- Queen Beatrix

This is Mellerio Ruby Tiara and of course it was made by Mellerio Jewelry for Queen Emma in 1889.

Tiaras of Dutch Royals at Royal Wedding- Crown Princess Maxima

Crown Princess Maxima wore the Dutch Diamond Bandeau Tiara. It was made in the 1930s from a collection of enormous diamonds. These diamonds were originally part of the national wedding gift given to Queen Emma in 1879.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex Tiara at Royal Wedding

Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore Wessex Wedding tiara which was worn by herself for the first time on her wedding day.

Queen Rania's Boucheron Bracelet Tiara at Royal Wedding

Boucheron Bracelet Tiara was designed in 2008 as a bracelet which can be converted to a tiara and it's one of the most lowly piece of her jewellery collection.

Tiaras of Spanish Royals at Royal Wedding- Queen Sofia

Queen Sofia wore Mellerio Shell Tiara at Royal Wedding. It's obvious that it was made by French Jeweler Mellerio. It was made in mid 19th century. It was displayed at the 1867 Paris Exhibition and the tiara was a wedding present from Queen Isabella II to her daughter on her marriage. I can't trace it but for some reason it came to Spanish Royal family and was a gift to Queen Sofia by her father-in-law on her wedding day.

Thanks to Uschi I am able to trace it :) Here is the information Uschi shared with us :

The Shell Tiara, made of platinum and diamonds forming shells with pear-shaped pearls dangling from their centres, dates back to Queen Isabella II who offered it to her daughter Infanta Maria Isabel on the occasion of her wedding to Prince Gaetano of Bourbon-Two Sicilies in 1868. The Shell Tiara was inherited by her nephew King Alfonso XIII who passed it on to his son Don Juan, Count of Barcelona. He offered the Shell Tiara to his son Don Juan Carlos on the occasion of his wedding to Princess Sofía in 1962.

Tiaras of Spanish Royals at Royal Wedding- Crown Princess Letizia

Crown Princess Letizia wore Mellerio Floral Tiara. This tiara has been made by French jewellery company, Mellerio. It's one of the newest tiaras because it was made in 1962 by Francisco Franco's orders. He gave it to Queen Sofia at her wedding day
on behalf of the Spanish people.

Tiaras of Spanish Royals at Royal Wedding- Infanta Cristina

Infanta Cristina wore Cartier Diamond and Pearl Tiara at Royal Wedding. This tiara was first owned by Queen Ena of Spain and she left it one of her daughters. King Juan Carlos bought the tiara for Queen Sofia in 1990s and tiara returned back to Spain.

Tiaras of Spanish Royals at Royal Wedding- Infanta Elena

Infanta Elena wore her tiara which was a gift from her ex-housband's family in occasion to the engagement of the couple.

The King's Sisters' Jewellery

The King's sisters — Princesses Margaretha, Birgitta, Désirée and Christina — are wearing the following jewellery:
Princess Margareta, Mrs Ambler is wearing Queen Victoria's Baden fringe tiara. The tiara was a gift from the Grand Duke and Duchess of Baden to their daughter Victoria on her marriage to the Swedish Crown Prince Gustaf in 1881. The Russian-inspired tiara was worn at the Crown Prince Couple's wedding as a necklace.

Princess Birgitta of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen wears the tiara which, in accordance with Bernadotte family tradition, is known as Queen Sofia's tiara. This was probably made for Queen Sofia around 1860.

Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld wears jewellery featuring amethysts and diamonds. This set of jewellery belonged to Queen Josefina (the consort of King Oscar I).

Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson is wearing the six-button tiara. King Karl XIV Johan had these diamond rosettes affixed to the crown ring of King Erik XIV's royal crown from 1560 in preparation for his coronation at Stockholm Cathedral in 1818. During the reign of King Gustaf V, the old royal crown was restored and the diamond rosettes were removed. These have since been shaped into the six-button tiara.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wedding Cake

The cake
The white four-leaf clover-shaped wedding cake is 330 cm high, and is made up of 11 tiers. A 125 cm daquise base (a soft almond meringue made from almond flour) is topped with chocolate crisp, followed by a fragilité base (a soft almond meringue made from almond paste). On top of this is a champagne mousse with a wild strawberry curd centre. This is followed by a layer of wild strawberry compote. Champagne mousse and daquise base are then layered, finishing off with champagne mousse.

Floral decorations made from pulled sugar (caramel)
The care is decorated with 100 handmade roses and 40 lilies, made from caramel.

Decoration base
The top of the cake is decorated with a wavy gelatine sugar layer. On top of this are edible triangular spirals in transparent gold and blue, made from isomalt sugar. At the top, the diameter of the cake is 25 cm. Here, the Crown Princess Couple´s monogram is reproduced in cast caramel.

Four-leaf clovers on the sides
The sides of the cake are decorated with four-leaf clovers, symbolising the Crown Princess Couple and their wedding.

Organic ingredients
More than 95 percent of the ingredients used to make the cake are organic. The few exceptions include the wild strawberries.

Weight 250 kg
The cake weighs 250 kg. The stand weighs just as much again.

High Quality Photos

Blogger can't support really high quality photos and personally I hate small photos so I uploaded them to photo hosting service. You can see them bigger by clicking on them. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes

Queen Rania at Royal Wedding

Queen Rania was very elegant in her night dress. She has this "je ne sais quoi" thing.