Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Connaught Tiara

This tiara was brought into Sweden by Princess Margaret of Connaught when she married the future King Gustav Adolf in 1905. It was a wedding present from her parents. It's a diamond-set tiara in the form of loops of forget-me-not flowers secured by bows, from which hang diamond drops. It was made by E. Wolff & Co. and probably supplied by Garrard. Forget-me-nots stand for true love in the language of flowers. The tiara consists of five 5 looping swags of forget-me-not flowers and leaves, each with a detachable hanging pendant, all of which are separated by upright diamond springs on wire springs.The tiara was eventually given to her eldest son Edmund who gave it to his bride Sybilla as a wedding gift. Sybilla it to her son, King Carl Gustav. His wife, Queen Sylvia, now wears it frequently.

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